CurbxYourxDog (curbxyourxdog) wrote in the_sideshow,

*/KanDy + KiLLz\*

1. Name? Christina

2. Age? 16

3. Sex? Female

4. Where do you live? New Jersey!!


5. What makes you who you are? My personality I guess

6. If you had the chance to stop one event What would it be? I'd stop the Bros. Grim Sideshow from leaving Seaside

7. How would you do it? Uhh, I'd.. Wrap a chain around myself and the tent? .. lol Didn't think about that

8. And Why? Bekuz all the performerz were like family to me. And I miss them ♥

9. Tell me a joke? Uhh.. Wut do you kall a guy with no armz and legz laying infront of ur house.. Give up.. Matt! .. Door mat.. Ya know.. .. Yeah It'z korny lol

10. Name your hero? Katzen ♥

11. Name your hates? People who think it'z fun to make fun of other people bekuz they don't look like everyone else. Teenagerz today are rediculious.. Along with many adultz.. "Don't judge a book by it'z cover"

12. Name your favorite bands? 40 Below Summer, Human Marvels, Ill Nino, Coretez, Anti-Flag, GWAR, John Mayer, Queen, KiTTie, Porcelain Fish Bowl, The Casualties.. Need I go on? lol

13. Name something that you show fear to? Loss.. I guess.. I'm showingly afraid of losing the people I love

14. What makes you a freak? I don't think I'm necessarely a freak. Just different

15. Name your top 5 movies? Mallratz, Haggard, SLC Punk, House of 1000 Corpses, Humanimalz *It'z not a movie, but one hell of a documentary, thing*

16. What the reason behind Number 3 of your movies? :lookz at my 3rd choice: SLC Punk.. It'z a great movie!.. I think I like it so much bekuz he tried soo hard to be a punk and in the end he just realized he wuz a poser. I guess it kinda makez you realize ur greatest fearz in a way

17. What do you look like? (If possible add a pic) Pikturez are at the bottom!

18. Name your deep dark fantasy? .. Hmm.. I don't think I really have a deep dark fantasy.. Maybe.. Bekomin a sideshow performer, famous musician and.. .. yeah.. :)


Enigma and Katzen
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