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well , hello there shadow- where have you been ?

- - * breathes *
Here we go.
|| - Where I would never wish it,
at times it would be useful.
Being deaf ;;
As people get older, they seem
to move past this quite well.
However in youth -
Music is life.
I mean ;;
in the eyes of so many it defines you
gives you a place-
a group of friends who feel the same.
A common area to relate.
Lately, though-
it kills.
I speak of how such
masses are segregated based on music.
Kids are just too damn ignorant to
understand that music is not the person.
Everyone listens to music that they can
relate to through experiences in their life.
Things that apply to them, if you will.
[ but ] all this now-
with the " emo " vs. " punk "
and " goth " vs. " raver "
It pisses me off.
To hate, simply based on
ones taste in ear honey -
or claw scratches to the heart ;;
is so mindbogglingly stupid
I could rant about it for hours-
One of my best friends,
sweetest girl, genuine, kind, fun
HUGE country fan -
I love the girl.
Another friend ;;
ex HUGE metal head -
so smart it blows my mind
classy too.
heh - and me ;;
I listen to everything from
The Ramones, to Usher, to Manson,
to The Goo Goo Dolls.
Not a damn thing stops me-
" good tunes is good tunes "
im not a pretty picture
with one emotion or goal
im a typhon of flooded feeling
none of which should be contained
so why let it -
and i dont.
I vent through music
be it rap or pop or metal
or what have you.
At the end of the day,
im still the same person
with the same ideals
and the same friends -

/ end.
- Thank You ;;
for the rant.
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