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1 NAME? Melissa AKA Mel Moe Boe and some very unpleasant names latley. But I'm proud of them all, I must have done something in order to deserve the honor of being called a bitch or a slut.

2 AGE? I was born 14 years, 8 months, and 4 days ago. But in my mind, and as others view me, I'm about 19 or so. I'm just so damn mature.

3 SEX? Yeah sure, I'd like some. Ok. I know that's not what you meant. I'm female, all over.

4 WHERE DO YOU LIVE? In my humble small bedroom in an apartment in Mechanicville (upstate) NY until the 10th of September, Then I'll be located in a room with a bathroom attached in a full house (finally) in Centralia (south) IL, 1000 miles away from my current location.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR SELF AND OTHER CRAP I'm M.E. Seriously, those are my initials. I read. I write. I breathe. I eat when i feel like it. I sleep for a minimum of 10 hours if allowed. I have 2 counselors and a psychiatrist and my family's close to the guidance counselor at school. I like to inflict pain upon myself and unto others. I like bondage during sex. Candle wax is intriguing. Biting and Scratching are my hobbies. Oh, and I love to play with my evil cat, KitKat.

5 WHAT MAKES YOU WHO YOU ARE? My mother and my good-for-nothing father(seperated since I was 5) always pushing me to be the best and a lot more. My dad beating me and my mom expecting me to be perfect. All the stress of abnormal happening in my life. Sexual abuse being one, at a young age. My friends making me feel like I fit in. Music. And every detail I write in my notebooks. Plus, all the assholes I've come across the past three months.

6 IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO STOP ONE EVENT WHAT WOULD IT BE? When me and my then best friend, now good friend, broke off our friendship in January.

7 HOW WOULD YOU DO IT? I wouldn't have treated her like scum. Or ditched her for guys. I would have stuck it in my head that guys have cooties and not to go near them. I wouldn't have been a total bitch.

8 AND WHY? I lost a great friendship that will never be there again, even thoguh we are talking now. She meant a lot to me and she went through more things than anyone else has.

9 TELL ME A JOKE? What has four wheels and flies? A garbage truck! Sorry I don't remember any good jokes. I remember that because my fatehr told me that when I was 4.

10 NAME YOUR HERO? I don't really have any. I see the faults in all people. But if I had to choose I'd say any person who has survived rape, physical abuse, or has overcome a serious addiction, because I know how hard it is.

11 NAME YOUR HATES? People who lie. I despise them really. Also, my dad. Unclean bathrooms and kitchens. A guy who has no idea what he's doing. People who judge on stuff that doesn't matter.

12 NAME YOUR FAVOURITE BANDS? I like all types of music. ICP. Korn. Led Zepplin. Ramones. Rage Against the Machine. Shinedown.

13 NAME SOMETHING THAT YOU SHOW FEAR TO? I have to think about that... I can't remember the last time I was honestly afraid of something. Except of fucknig up my life and ending up in a home. That thought kinda scares me.

14 WHAT MAKES YOU A FREAK? Who said I was a freak? I am who I am and I don't care what people say. My thoguhts are the way they are and nobody can do anything about it. "freak" is such a stereotypical word.

15 NAME YOUR TOP 5 MOVIES? Unfaithful. The Haunting. Stir of Echoes. House on Haunted Hill. Candyman.

16 WHAT THE REASON BEHIND NUMBER 3 OF YOUR MOVIES? I remember watching it when I was younger and being totally freaked out by the whole concept. Now I laugh when I watch it.

I'm 5' 9 1/2'' Hair naturally blonde but now its a chestnut brown/reddish color due to dye. I'm not fat. Fairly skinny. Athletic body. Boobs are of average size. All in all, I'm happy with the way I look.

18 NAME YOUR DEEP DARK FANTASY? I have 2.....1-to drain the blood out of a person after torturing them and slowing putting a life to an end and then taking the blood putting it in punch and serving it to the victim's family. and 2- to have sex on a metal platform over fire and surrounded by flames. While being handcuffed!
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