darlingnickey (darlingnickey) wrote in the_sideshow,

conjoined ideas?

so my next tattoo is going to be conjoined twins but im having some trouble figuring out what to have them doing. my original thought was to have them be stuck in a doorway but im wondering if there is not some other situation taht conjoined twins would find themselves in that is funny to the rest of us. the basic feel of the image is tim-burton/nightmare-before-christmas-esque and one twin is a boy and one is a girl and htey joined at the side, however i would be willing to change that if i needed to for the funny position....im not sure if im making any sense with this but im basically wondering if any of you have any ideas as to what else i could do with them? it needs to be humorous but also something that is easy to decipher what is happening just by looking at it. thanks.
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