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Application From me To You

Well, here goes my application. I apologise that it is so big and not under and LJ_Cut but I am not very good at those for some reason.

1 NAME? Amber Rose.

2 AGE? 14, but I sometimes act like I'm 7 and sometimes like I am 36.

3 SEX? Female.

4 WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Campbell Hall, NY. One of the few places you will find a basketball court without nets.


5 WHAT MAKES YOU WHO YOU ARE? I have a great sense of humor and I don't have certain style or group of friends. Yeah I can be a bitch but I'm generally kind to people. People that I like. Otherwise, I can hold a grudge and want to kill people on any occasions. I like designer clothes, not all but some. I also like to make my own clothes sometimes. I like to shop without anyone with me because that takes away from the fun with their little comments the whole damn time. And that's what makes Amber, Amber.
6 IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO STOP ONE EVENT WHAT WOULD IT BE? As stupid as it sounds to some, I would have stopped myself from going to a school function the night my cat died. I would have stayed with her and comforted her.

7 HOW WOULD YOU DO IT? I would have declined the invitation of my friend to go to The Battle Of The Bands.

8 AND WHY? Because my cat was a great friend of mine and I honestly loved her more than any other creature on earth.

9 TELL ME A JOKE? What makes men chase women they have no intention of marrying?
The same urge that makes dogs chase
cars they have no intention of driving.

10 NAME YOUR HERO? I'd have to say my dad because he has been a person I could count on when I got pissed off at someone. I knew he would be there for me and not everyone is as lucky to have a good father figure in their life.

11 NAME YOUR HATES? Damn, people that pretend to be something to please others. I know that everyone does that at one point but it pisses me off. I hate people that talk behind each others backs and people that hurt my friends. I fucking hate racism. It's so damn stupid. I'm talking about black people, white people and everyone else. I hate sitting in my living room, watching a movie with a black person in it and hearing my stepfather making stupid ass remarks when the person did nothing to him. I also hate when black people make fun of white people by acting like we think we are superior and that middleclass white men talk like assholes. I hate it when babies cry. It creeps me out.
I hate bad grammar too.

12 NAME YOUR FAVOURITE BANDS? Alice Cooper, The Vandals, Scarling, Iron Maiden. I really don't have any favorites, I buy a lot of mix cd's and I just like songs, not so much the band.

13 NAME SOMETHING THAT YOU SHOW FEAR TO? I hate telling people my fears, but I hate the dark. I hate not knowing what's there. Something could be right in front of you and you wouldn't see it.

14 WHAT MAKES YOU A FREAK? Well this is a silly question. Because if we answer it by saying, "Oh I'm not a freak, I'm just me." Then it looks like we're trying too hard but if we tell you, "I have 90 piercings, pointed ears and a full body tattoo." Then it sounds like we are showing off. So I'll just say that I like weird stuff, it's not the way I look or anything. I like the taste of blood and nudity. I like being called weird. I like rotten.com, I like blood and gore and I love to be scared. Um, I wish I was in a sideshow, I love attention. Negative attention is fun and I don't necessarily want to be accepted. That makes me a freak I guess.

15 NAME YOUR TOP 5 MOVIES? The Crow 1 and 3, SLC Punk, A Clockwork Orange, Little Nicky, RHPS, Evil Dead 1, 2 and 3, The Matrix, I have a lot of favorites because my dad owns 3 video stores.

16 WHAT THE REASON BEHIND NUMBER 3 OF YOUR MOVIES? The main character was so interesting. He was sexual, intelligent, beautiful, could fight well. But he turned into something he didn't like and it showed his weakness'. His friends turned on him but at the end of the movie it seemed like he was getting back at them. It was a great movie...but not when your parent's are watching it with you. Haha.

17 WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE? IF POSSIBLE ADD A PIC I really hate the way I look, so that's why most of my pictures don't show my whole face.

18 NAME YOUR DEEP DARK FANTASY? Oh my gosh. My deep dark fantasy... I want to go to Hell, not to stay but to visit. I want to see Satan's side of the story. I want to meet, "The Light Of The Morning", I envision him as beautiful, with dark sultry eyes and dark brown, chin length, wedged hair covering the half of his face. And he has wings of dark violet and black, that shine when he opens them to a length of 12 1/2 feet. They aren't wings of a bat, but wings of a dove, just discolored and flawed but oh so beautiful. He is about 5'11" and his feet don't touch the ground, he hovers over the crimson tiles of his home. His home is covered in onyx but it is not solid because every time a soul lands in Hell, it cries tears of mercury and blood. Mercury of the thermometer that rises every time evil happens and blood of the first fallen angel, so that he may never be at peace. That is his punishment for his crime that no one knows of. Or cares about. But remember...he was once an angel.

Wow, I never knew I wrote like that. Enjoy all.
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